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The meeting with the line Ministries and Agencies on National strategy of development of statistics (NSDS) has taken place in Tajikistan for 2011-2016.

July 15, 2011 the meeting with the line Ministries and Agencies on National strategy of development of statistics (NSDS) has taken place in Tajikistan for 2011-2016. The participants of the meeting have been the Management of Statistical Agency, international Consultant of World Bank Mr. Toni Williams, representatives of 12 Ministries and Agencies, working group preparing project NSDS. 

Mr. Toni Williams presented the information « What is about NSDS and content NSDS » , has noticed that the strategic plan that covers all national statistical system including all who represents, makes, analyzes, disseminates and uses the official statistical data, and also educational institutions. New strategy is necessary to develop approach to form national system of statistics (NSS) and to provide co-ordinated structure NSS that leads to set of national statistical system.

Tony Williams, a World Bank consultant, was engaged to advise and assist the Statistical Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan (SA) on all aspects of preparing the MISP-2/NSDS, but specifically on extending the coverage to include the entire national statistical system, assessing and prioritizing user needs and satisfaction, and developing the strategic and results monitoring frameworks.

Deputy Director Mr. Norov Q.D. presented the process of development of NSDS. He has noticed that in January of this year was formed the working group to develop second stage of the Multiyear Integrated Statistics Program for 2011-2016 .

On the basis there have been questions to improve various Ministries and Departments of statistics, and also it is necessary to develop requirements of official statistics users i.e. national strategy of development of statistics.

Also has been presentation about results of the second survey users conducted in May-June, 2011 (Mrs.Gukasova T.P.). The survey has been conducted to improve data quality, publications, web site and other services, and also include feedbacks and offers of users to implement new project.

In the speech of Ministries and Agencies it has been noted about mutual cooperation with Statistical Agency, also about the investment projects and problems to involve into the new national strategic plan for development of statistics. 

In conclusion, Director of the Statistical Agency Mrs. Mukhammadieva B.Z. emphasized that all ministries and agencies should send completed questionnaires on assessment of the current state of statistical data produced by line ministries and departments, strategic framework and implementation programs since the statistics development plan will include all the needs of the agencies that produce statistics. Final version of the NSDS should be prepared by October 2011 and submitted to the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and international donors.