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Statistical Agency conducted survey of contractors and home construction activity

 A construction survey of contractors was conducted from March to December 2010.

The survey was conducted within «Strengthening the National Statistical System Project» (TAJSTAT). The survey budget is more than 12000 USD.

21 specialists of the Statistical Agency under the President of Republic of Tajikistan, state institution «Main Computer Centre», main oblast statistical offices and statistical urban and regional departments participated in the survey. 

The survey should have determined the problems associated with falling and rising prices for construction materials broken down by territories, use of contract labor force and basic cost of buildings and structures under construction.

The survey covered 180 contractors and 542 detached dwelling houses. The survey results showed that 9944 people work in contractors including 7835 regular employees, 847 women. 2773 employees have higher construction education and 2109 are contract workers.

Contractors provided lists of the building materials and prices spent on the materials in order to determine the prices for construction and building materials.

The survey also showed that in March 2010 the contractors procured 76 kinds of building materials. The price of each procured building material was determined in the survey process. 

According to the received data the building material price index in the republic was 111 % compared with the 2007 reference year . 

The survey showed that contractors are involved in construction of different building projects in the sectors of education, public health, transport and communication, industry, housing, culture, trade and catering, and public utilities.

The survey of Statistical Agency under the President of Republic of Tajikistan laid down the foundation of the methodology, and the Agency plans to conduct more surveys of such kinds in future.