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Statistical Agency met with representatives of ABBYY company

 From 13th till 27th of December, 2010 specialists from Russian «ABBYY» Company , i.e. (?ntonina Korobenkova, Alexei Tulincev) visited Statistical Agency under the President of Republic of Tajikistan for preparation of data entry process that was collected during population and housing census of the Republic of Tajikistan and checkout and testing of ABBYY FlexiCapture software 9.0. It is intended for optical data recognition of census leaflets and enters it into the database. 

During preparation with joint efforts of SA staff, i.e. (Ikhtiyor Kholmatov, Salohiddin Faiziev, Furqat Mirpochoev) specialists from Russian «ABBYY» Company prepared more than 100 working stations for data verificators, adjusted cooperation with the infrastructure and servers. Special attention was paid to creation of additional algorithm and rules of reauthenticate how to fill a blank and its complete set. Due to utilized technologies besides automatic recognition of handwritings and marks, the software will reduce number of errors to a minimum during data entry process; also will enable to find copies of census leaflets in short term if required.

 «ABBYY» Company staff emphasized the highest level of preparatory works implemented by the SA – taking into account portfolios, coding, preliminary completeness checkout of census, also motivation and professionalism of SA staff to finish successfully census population and housing facilities.

In combination of Statistical Agency staff professionalism and modern technologies of «ABBYY» Company will enable to both parties to receive exact and comprehensive population and housing census data in a short term with minimum expenditures.