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Within the framework of the project "Implementation of the national strategy for the development of statistics" the international expert Ms. Irina Goryacheva visited the Statistics Agency.

According to the signed contract on bilateral partnership between the Agency for Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and the joint venture (consortium) headed by DevStat, the second visit of key expert Ms. Irina Goryacheva is currently taking place from September 25 to September 29.

The main goal of the expert s mission is to improve the methodology and compilation of price indices used in the AS, as well as staff skills in this area, including improving the quality and coverage of the price statistics area to better meet the needs of internal and external users.
On methods of registration of consumer prices and tariffs, quality control of information collected, as well as price indexes at the regional level, an internal seminar was held on September 27-28, expert Irina Goryacheva, in conjunction with specialists of the department of price and tariff statistics for employees of regional offices of the AU. This seminar was attended by specialists - registrars of prices from GBAO, Khatlon and Sughd regions, the city of Dushanbe.
The seminar was opened by the First Deputy Director of the Statistics Agency Mr. Shikirzoda Shodmon Sharif, who noted that the seminar in the field of price statistics in the Statistics Agency has been held for the first time in the last 10 years. Calculation of price indices for consumer goods and services occupy an important position among price indices, and the main part of the seminar s work is focused on practical and theoretical aspects of calculating the consumer price index (CPI). Along with this, questions of the methodology of price registration, the calculation of individual price indices and the quality of the information collected will be discussed.
It was noted that the issue of gathering of primary information largely determines the quality of the calculated price indices and the training of price recorders in the field will have a great influence on the quality of the CPI. 
The following was included in the seminar program:
Guidelines for registering consumer prices for food products;
Guide to register prices for non-food items;
Guide to register prices for paid services to the public;
Recommendations on quality checks of consumer prices and tariffs for goods and services.
During the seminar, the following issues were discussed
• Glossary
• Principles for the formation of a consumer set of goods (services) -representatives.
• Selection of basic trade organizations.
• The procedure for registering prices for certain types of goods (services).
• Features of collecting price information on certain types of goods (services) -representatives.
• The main replacement methods used when registering prices in the consumer market.
• The method of replacing the observed product (service) in the basic organization.
• The method of replacing the object of observation - the basic organization.
• Method of using conditional (settlement) prices.
• The method of price duplication.
• Features of determining the missing prices.
Also during the seminar, the head of the programming department of the MCC of the Statistics Agency Mirpochoev Furkat presented a preliminary version of the software for collecting price data with the help of tablets and in the subsequent phase for calculating the average geometric prices.
In addition, Ms. Goryacheva will provide technical assistance and training for the specialists of the AU on the implementation of the calculation of the price index in construction and the introduction of the calculation of the price index in the housing market.