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The donor-meeting was conducted on August 28, 2017 at the Agency on statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan

 On August 28, 2017, a donor meeting was held at the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan. The meeting was attended by the Director of the Agency - Ms. Hasanzoda G.K., Ms. Sanya Bayanich - UNDP Deputy Country Director in the Republic of Tajikistan, UNDP Project Implementation Groups, representatives of ministries and departments, chiefs of departments  of the Agency, the Main department of the Agency for Statistics in Dushanbe and MCC.

The donor meeting was opened with an opening speech Director of the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Ms. Hasanzoda G.K., who noted that since the independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, between the Statistical Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and  UNDP, the World Bank , FAO, UNFPA, UNICEF, GIZ, close cooperation has been established, as a result of which significant progress has been made in implementing recommendations on the implementation of international standards. This donor rally is dedicated to the close and fruitful cooperation between the Agency for Statistics and UNDP.
UNDP is one of the leading international organizations, providing access to knowledge, experience and resources for countries, covering the geography of 166 countries, helping to make their own decisions on global and national problems and development challenges.
The most important goal of this organization is to reduce poverty and achieve the development of each country. Throughout the world, UNDP is working to solve problems, especially in the areas of poverty reduction, crisis prevention, energy, environment and health.
For her part, Ms. Sanya Bayanich, UNDP Deputy Country Director in the Republic of Tajikistan, also stressed the importance of cooperation between UNDP and the Statistical Agency, and noted that statistics play a large and important role in monitoring the LRC. In this regard, the Agency for Statistics should be supported.
The representative of the UNDP-UNEP project on the implementation of pilot calculations of the system of environmental and economic accounting, Ms. Takhmina Azizova, made a presentation on the objectives of the project, and noted that some progress has already been made in this direction, which need to be continued.
The head of the SNA and finance statistics department Sabzina Minakova presented a presentation on the results of pilot calculations of the system of environmental and economic accounting, namely, water resources and forestry. In her presentation, Minakova noted that SEEA describes the interaction between the economy and the environment, as well as stocks and changes in the stock of environmental assets. The development of the System of Environmental and Economic Accounts facilitates the adoption of standard classifications in environmental statistics, which increases the value and adequacy of existing information on the environment. Also, the introduction of a new dimension in environmental statistics through the application of the principles of economic accounts that allow the linking of stocks and flows and the linkage to economic information contained in traditional economic accounts leading to increased reliability and consistency of both units. The next aspect is to provide a reliable basis for calculating indicators that can be included in a set of indicators of sustainable development.
The UNDP representative Mr. Parviz Akramov also noted that in December 2016 an agreement was signed between UNDP and the Statistics Agency between the UNDP and the Statistics Agency on the implementation of the subproject "Improving the trade statistics system to create a source of information for the trade register" under the Aid for Trade project and noted importance of this project.
Head of the Department of Trade  and Services Statistics of Agency - Mr. Asmatbekov F. and Ms. Rajabova N. - Head of the Department of Registers, Classifiers and Dissemination of Statistical Information provided information on the results of the implementation of the sub-project "ITSS". Mr. Asmatbekov F. noted that the main goal of " ITSS " is to improve methodological recommendations, methodological calculations that meet the requirements of a market economy, international standards, which later serve as the basic indicators for monitoring the GDS.
Within the framework of the project, the tasks were implemented in 13 stages:
- Improvement of statistical tools;
- "The methodology for calculating the index of the physical volume of the turnover of domestic and foreign trade", "Methods of forming indicators on internal trade statistics", "Methodological position on statistics of foreign trade in goods";
- "A methodology for calculating the total volume of import and export by individuals crossing the state border of RT, goods not accounted for by customs statistics";
- Calculation of the trade margin for the SNS -2008, as well as the improvement of the tables "Resources and use";
- Development of professional skills of employees in the development and use of classifications that meet international standards;
- Coordination with the Customs Service on provision of data on foreign economic activity at the level of 6-10 signs is established, 
- Improvement of the methodology of trade statistics, in particular studying the methodology for accounting for cross-border trade,
 - Development of an alternative option for creating a "Trade Register". The method of collecting statistical reports has been improved, electronic reporting in the sphere of trade and other tasks have been introduced. 
Thus, the sub-project " ITSS " contributed to the modernization of trade statistics, through the introduction of new methodologies, improved tools, improving the skills of employees of trade statistics. 
Deputy Director of the Agency on Statistics Mr. Davlatzoda K. told the participants about the need for a sample survey of households to study the use of the daily fund time and appealed to donors-participants of the rally for support for this survey. 
Also, the head of the methodology and classificatory department Mr. Tashrizoda K. presented a presentation on the achievements and needs of the Agency for Statistics on the development of LRC indicators. 
As a result, the OSCE expressed readiness to establish cooperation with the Statistics Agency and to assist in the implementation of the planned activities.