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Population at 01/01/2018 8.931 mln.
Inflation within 2017 6.7%
CPI within 2017 106.7%
GDP within 2017 61,1 bln. somoni
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Within the framework of the Project "Implementation of the National Strategy for Development of Statistics" the visit is being made by the Expert, Mr. Alexey Ponomarenko.

According to the signed Twinning Partnership Contract between the Agency on statistical under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Joint Venture (Consortium) headed by DevStat the visit is being made by the Key Expert, Mr. Alexey Ponomarenko from the period of June 19 to 23 , 2017 on System of National Accounts.

The main objective of the expert s mission is to assist the Agency on statistical in developing the capacity to produce statistical information on selected areas of the System of National Accounts (SNA) in accordance with international standards.

The meetings were held under the leadership of Mr. Shokirzoda Sh., First Deputy Director of the Agency statistics between the Expert and representatives of the Heads of departments and divisions of the Agency on statistics.
In accordance with the approved Program, in close cooperation with the Head of the National Accounts and Financial Statistics Department, Ms. Minakova Sabzina and specialists of the Department the consultations were held by the key expert on the current situation analysis of the national accounts system of AS, evaluation of the non-observed economy, estimation of GDP calculations on a quarterly basis, evaluation of products of financial intermediaries, including development of methodological recommendations on these issues.
In addition, during the mission, the expert was acquainted with the plan for the production of statistical data on the SNA and financial statistics, taking into account the statistical work plan and prospects for International Cooperation (UN, UNECE, CIS Statistical Committee, ECO, Eurostat and others).