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The visit of the international key experts Ms. Valdone Kaspiruniene and Mr. Rimantas Vaicenavicius to the Agency for Statistics is completed

 According to the signed Twinning Partnership Contract between the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Joint Venture (Consortium) headed by DevStat, the visit was made from the period of May 10-19, 2017 by the key experts, Ms. Valdone Kaspiruniene and Mr. Rimantas Vaicenavicius.

The main purpose of the expert mission, Ms. Valdone Kaspiruniene was to support to improve the quality of industry survey questionnaires, as well as the methodologies for their completion.
In accordance with the approved Program, the consultations were held between the key expert Ms. Valdone Kaspiruniene and the representatives of the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan represented by the Deputy Director of the Agency, Mr. K. Davlatzoda on the organization of work during the Mission with the participation of the Deputy Head of the Department for the Industry Statistics and Investments in Construction, Mr. Gafurov Sh., and Bobokbekova R.
As a result of the consultations, it was deemed appropriate due to the large number of unharmonized statistical forms used in the AS on the collection of the industrial statistics and numerous indicators to allocate more time for the revision of statistical questionnaires, analysis of indicators and the development of new statistical forms.
On May 17, 2017, a visit was made to the regional statistical office of Rudaki town, where the procedures for ensuring the data quality and organization of databases were discussed.
A logical database structure model for production of statistics was developed, which is very important and will be used later to calculate the index of industrial production in the Republic of Tajikistan including sample.
The main objective of the expert mission, Mr. Rimantas Vaicenavicius was to assist the AS in improving the quality of the statistical data produced. A working group approved by the Director of the Agency on Statistics was established as well as a number of training seminars were conducted on preparation of the quality reports, fixing the work processes and use of the GSBPM model (Typical model for the production of statistical information).
A typical model for the production of statistical information (GSBPM) describes and defines the set of business processes necessary for the production of official statistics. It ensures a standard framework and agreed terminology to assist statistical organizations in modernizing the processes of production of statistical information, as well as to exchange methods and components. GSBPM can also be used to integrate data and metadata standards as a template for documenting processes, harmonizing infrastructure of statistical calculation and provision of a basis for evaluation and improvement of the quality process.
At the meeting, Deputy Director, Mr. Davlatzoda K. noted that without implemented GSBPM it is impossible to systematically organize the improvement of statistical quality, so it is necessary to start with the implementation of GSBPM, as it was done by the statistical agencies in developed countries.