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Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan transits to electronic reporting on industrial statistics.

 On April 21, 2016 the presentation on the transition to a monthly electronic reporting on industry for responsible persons of the industry enterprises was held in the Agency on Statistics.

The presentation was attended by the managers, accountants and economists of about 50 industrial enterprises of Dushanbe.

The presentation was opened by the Director of the Statistical Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan - Gulnora Hasanzoda who noted that many times the Leader of the Nation, the President of Tajikistan, his hounorable Emomali Rahmon in his speeches gave appropriate instructions to reduce the reporting for entrepreneurs and to transit to electronic reporting.

In order to fulfill the order the statistical agencies of the Republic of Tajikistan for the first time in 2015 introduced the monthly electronic reporting and quarterly labor movement report in Dushanbe and a number of regions of the republican subordination.

According to information, about 4155 enterprises submitted labour electronic reporting in Dushanbe for February 2016, which is 77.2% of the total number of reporting companies. This indicator is insufficient since we have to receive the electronic reporting from all companies regardless of form of ownership. In this case, in the absence of technical possibilities the companies and organizations will be able to use terminal of the Statistical Agencyof Dushanbe.

In order to accelerate the work on transition to electronic reporting currently the work is on progress on the connection of fiber-optic line of the Main Department of the Agency on Statistics in Dushanbe.

It should be noted that for the development of the program on introduction and processing of electronic reporting the specialists of the Tax Committee were hired under the Project “Implementation of the National Strategy for Development of Statistics” financed by the World Bank for the next phase of transition - on industrial statistics.

Then the programmers introduced in their presentation the submission procedures of electronic reporting to participants. In turn, the participants proposed to enclose as attachment the electronic version of the classification of goods, which is used to determine the code output.

It should be noted that this report is divided into two sections and more than 2,000 of industrial enterprises deliver it as a whole across the country.

Given the fact that the industry is one of the main sectors of the economy, the information requirements for domestic industrial production, especially import of goods is growing.

In this regard, submission of complete and accurate information on the production volume of industrial products in monetary and volume terms can really reflect situation to make appropriate decisions.

From May 1, 2016 the industrial enterprises of Dushanbe will present the monthly statistical report 1- Industry in electronic form.