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The Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan held a Donor Meeting

 03/29/2016. The Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan held a donor meeting with the participation of the management of the Agency, MCC, the representatives of the World Bank, GIZ, FAO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP in Tajikistan, the United States Agency for International Development, the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN World food Programme, the International Monetary Fund, the International Labour Organization; representatives of ministries and departments, representatives of the National University of Tajikistan, Statistical College of Vahdat town, the Mining College named after S. Yusupov, heads of the Agency on Statistics and Project Implementation Team for the development of the National Statistical System under Agency on Statistics.

The meeting was opened by the Director of the Agency for Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Ms. Hasanzoda G.K, who noted that on October 29, 2015 the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan adopted the Decree ?614 "On Action Plan for the improvement of statistical records in the 2016-2021 years". This document was developed within the interdepartmental working group on improvement of statistical records under the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan with the participation of representatives of ministries and departments. This decree contains 52 items, and project "Implementation of National Statistics Development Strategy" (E?ASTAT Trust Fund of the World Bank) is financing more than half of the tasks. The implementation of the remaining tasks requires additional financial resources.

Mr. Rustam Ziyaev - Project Coordinator of ECASTAT spoke on the first item of the agenda who according to his presentation noted that the project the National Statistics Development Strategy is being implemented from in May 2015. NSDS Project is based on an assessment of the national statistical system, recommendations envisaged in the global assessment - carried out in 2012 by experts of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, Eurostat and the EFTA. The Project Coordinator presented the main objectives of the project, told about the meetings held with representatives of the ministries and aid agencies within the project implementation. Mr. Ziyaev also presented the results from the project activities for 2015 and priority tasks for the current year.

The Head of the Department for demographic Statistics, employment and household survey, Mr. Kulov A. gave the presentation of the "Plan on conduction of the labor force survey and the improvement of household surveys in view of the 19th ICLS resolution”. He emphasized that in the framework of the project ECASTAT it is planned to conduct the labor force survey and the sample and listing on clarification of selected clusters and the actual number of household members living in clusters for the survey was carried out in October-December 2015. For the first time for the collection of information from respondents the tablets were used and it was the first step from transition of the manual collection of information collection into the electronic information collection.

On the implementation of "Commercialization of Agriculture" Project, Head of the Department for prices and tariffs of the Agency, Mr. Nadzhibulloev A. gave the presentation on "Improving the registration, collection and dissemination of weekly prices and communication with consumers (farmers) by SMS - messages."

Mrs. Gukasova T. - Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of the ECASTAT Project made the presentation on the preliminary results of the first preliminary survey of "user satisfaction". The objective of this survey was to: get feedback from the users and pay more attention to the quality of statistical information; to study the needs of the users needs and analyze the development plan for the better achieving the needs of the consumer; further develop the dialogue between users and producers, as well as between the various producers of statistics. It was noted that the final results of the survey will be presented to all the users through the Web site of the Agency on Statistics.

In the course of the donor meeting the floor was also given to the representatives of international organizations, ministries and departments.
Upon completion of the donor meeting, the Director of Agency on Statistics, Ms. G.K. Hasanzoda expressed her gratitude to all participants, including the development partners on their intentions to provide donor support for statistics on the priority areas of its activity.

It was also proposed to hold such meetings on a regular basis (i.e every quarter) for obtaining of full information and enhancing the coordination.