Main indicators
Population at 01/01/2018 8.931 mln.
Inflation within 2017 6.7%
CPI within 2017 106.7%
GDP within 2017 61,1 bln. somoni
Exchange Rates
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1 US Dollar .
1 EURO .
10 Russian roubles Array

On a website the Catalogue of statistical publications and services 2015 was updated


Statistical Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan presents the Catalogue of Statistical Publications to be issued in 2015.

The statistical publications are prepared to meet the data requirements of a wide range of readers: management staff, financial and economic staff of various enterprises and institutions, scientists, businessmen, bankers, teachers and academicians, students and postgraduates, staff of international organizations, embassies and other foreign agencies in Tajikistan, as well as other readers who wish to receive reliable and deep information about the Republic of Tajikistan.
Statistical Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan may provide customers with a wide range of data for all sectors of economy, as well as express information on procurement of raw cotton, harvesting, sowing of winter crops, status of equipment, balance of metal scrap and waste, exchange houses performance, use of fuel, and other information.
The information can be received in the form of publications, bulletins, and CD. The information can be prepared at the customer s request. The cost of services depends on the volume of the requested information.
For subscription, please complete the attached Order Form.

Reference service: 227-58-07, 227-59-52, 221-23-87