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Population at 01/01/2018 8.931 mln.
Inflation within 2017 6.7%
CPI within 2017 106.7%
GDP within 2017 61,1 bln. somoni
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About the results of Labor Force Survey (LFS) 2009 in Tajikistan

About the results of Labor Force Survey (LFS) 2009 in Tajikistan

This survey on labor force by the population activity issues is the second of large-scale survey of such type. The first survey was conducted in 2004.

Survey was carrying out by the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan with the support of the World Bank in the frame of the project “Strengthening of the national statistical system of the Republic of Tajikistan”.

Now the LFS 2009 is summarizing as well as the Analytical Report is preparing for publication, in this report will be provided the detail information on survey methodology, analysis of situation on the labor market in the Republic of Tajikistan by the results of LFS 2004 and LFS 2009, and output tables also. The Report will be available on two languages – state (Tajik) and Russian.

This survey will allow getting data for researching of labor market, about economical activity of population and unemployment according to the criteria of the International Labor Organization (ILO). This is the only one source of information on about number of external labor and push-pull migration and employment in formal and informal sectors, and on the gender issues.

By preliminary data from the total population of 7,5 million in 2009 1856,5 thousand persons was employed, total number of unemployment – 241,2 thousand persons, number of labor migrants– 519,9 thousand persons. Population employment level in the Republic is 39,4% from the population of 15-75 ages, total unemployment level – 11,5% from economically active population.