Main indicators
Population at 01/01/2018 8.931 mln.
Inflation within 2017 6.7%
CPI within 2017 106.7%
GDP within 2017 61,1 bln. somoni
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1 US Dollar .
1 EURO .
10 Russian roubles Array

On November 18-21 and November 22, 25-26 the UNICEF organized a visit to the Statistical Agency for Ms. Margaret Hall, an expert for consultation and training related to DevInfo.

The main purpose of the consultation and training is to strengthen the capacity for the TojikInfo administrators to be able to establish and maintain a database and district profiles in the DevInfo format in accordance with the needs of users – planners, politicians and the public. It is expected that during the practical training sessions the participants will work with real data and present a preliminary version of a small database based on the chosen indicators , as well as create samples of district profiles (characteristics) for the selected districts.

During the visit the expert met with the relevant national partners to assess the existing DevInfo database, systems and processes. The expert will also provide her recommendations to further strengthen the TojikInfo system.

As part of this consultation a series of short sessions will be held. Each session will demonstrate the technical issues that are important for the successful implementation and use of DevInfo (DI). Orientation/Overview: basic concepts and functions of the DevInfo user in the interface: migration data from DI6 to DI7, database administration, updating of existing databases, setting up the database according to the users requirements, and multiple-language support.

This training was attended by the specialists from the Statistical Agency, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and the UNICEF representatives.

TojikInfo Database is managed by the Statistical Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan within the framework of its mandate to collect, process and analyze statistical information in the country. In June 2013 the Statistical Agency established a Working Group on TojikInfo for enhancing sustainable implementation of the system. With the UNICEF technical support and in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade a list of indicators for monitoring the situation of children and women at the national and regional levels was developed. In September 2013 a preliminary list of indicators was presented and discussed with the key partners. All the parties concerned should have made further efforts to finalize and complete the list of indicators for the TojikInfo new database.

There is a need to further strengthen the national capacity to manage TojikInfo as a tool to support decision making based on the evidence that improve the situation of children.