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On 25 October in the Agency on Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan held a round table on "Perspectives for the development of gender statistics in Tajikistan"

The main purpose of the round table is comprehensive discussion of issue for the development of production, dissemination and using of gender statistic in the Republic of Tajikistan. 

In the meeting, participated leadership and experts of Statistics Agency, representatives of line ministries and agencies, international organizations and stakeholders.

The work of the round table started with welcoming words of Deputy Director of the Agency for Statistics Norov Q., Manager of Project Hakimov Kh., Kholova Gulnora the Asian Development Bank Consultant and, who noted that the Agency for Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan with the financial support of the Asian Development Bank is implementing the project which is aimed to strengthen the capacity of the Agency in the field of gender statistics.

This project is implemented within the framework of the Regional Programmer of ADB "Promoting gender - inclusive development in the developing member countries of the Central and Western Asia." In this regard, the Asian Development Bank has initiated technical support to improve the production and use of gender statistics in the Republic of Tajikistan, which will be part of the global initiatives such as the initiative of the Economic and Social Commission for Central Asia (UNESCAP) EDGE ( Facts and figures for Gender Equality), the agenda of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015 to ensure the production of gender statistics and used in all countries, and the Regional technical Assistance statistical capacity building for social inclusion and gender equality of Asian development Bank (ADB). 
In his presentation "Gender Statistics in the Republic of Tajikistan" Khakimov Kh. Demonstrated information about the project, mechanism of its implementation, the concept of gender statistic and its importance, about legislation and regulations on gender statistics, marketing and etc .

In the presentation on the draft policy on improvement of production and analysis of gender statistics, promotion and using Budnikova EV spoke about the development of gender statistics program, which includes the following: the development and keeping interaction between users and producers of gender statistics and meeting users needs; expanding the use of existing sources of statistical data by collecting gender- relevant information, the development of new methods of data collection to cover gender - relevant areas, improvement of existing methodologies and definitions to enhance their gender relevance, combining data from different sources to create a common gender "portrait " of the country, the development of a marketing plan for the sale of products of gender statistics.

Main priorities for data collection program: to conduct a survey of time budget, to improve the quality of data on households survey (integrated questionnaire), development an action plan to the program on gender statistics.

During the discussing of the presentation participants asked about the sustainability of the program and the answer was that the sustainability of the program will be supported through recourse mobilization from internal sources and through development of new National Statistic Development Strategy for the period 2014-2018 where the priorities will be given to the improvement of data in the social sector, with a particular emphasis on the development of collection gender statistics data in the various sectors of the economy and social sphere.

On stricture and outline of web page of the Agency and presentation on gender statistics data base Gukasova T. P. noted that the Agency web page draft developed, it have been suggested vision on practical content of the page, and also presented pilot draft of the page, which have been placed on the Agency web site. It has been information on structure and content gender statistics data base. For the participants of the meeting have been suggested to give their comments and suggestions, after that will be improved data base and in full content will be placed on the Agency website.

The participants expressed their interest in the further access to data in gender aspects and wished further improvement in presentation and placing on the Agency website.

The computer specialist of the project, Mr. Rajabov K. suggested developing the program for data base using, on designing sheets and diagrams, and also usage of counter of visitors of web page on gender statistics.

Then, conducted discussion on the demonstrated presentations and participants of the meeting expressed their unanimous opinion, that the implementation of the project will resolve many problems on production, dissemination and using Gender statistics in the Republic of Tajikistan.