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On August 30 the Agency on Statistics held a round table on the results of the project "Gender and democratic governance in development - the provision of basic services to women" on gender-sensitive statistics in the field of social protection.

 The aim of the project was "Improvement of indicators of statistical reports on gender-sensitive indicators, which reflect access to the state-guaranteed social security benefits and protection.

The roundtable was held by experts of the Agency for Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, dealing with issues of social statistics.

The event was attended by experts of the Supervision Service in the sphere of labor, employment and social protection, and experts from public agencies on social protection, employment and migration, social security and pensions, state service on medical and social expertise, Social protection department of the Ministry of Labour and Social protection, representatives of the international organization " UN Women ", NGO " women with higher education ", UNICEF, ADB, etc.

The speeches , explaining the aims and objectives set for the statistical authorities in the field of gender policy , were made by Mr. Norov K.D., the Deputy Director of the Statistical Agency, Ms. Mirzoeva V., the representative from " UN Women", and Ms. Bobosadikova, representative from the NGO "Women with higher education" .

The Agencys experts made presentations on the training module on gender- sensitive statistics in the field of social protection, on data collection and quality, as well as further analysis and made recommendations and proposals for inclusion of gender indicators in the social protection statistics, produced by Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and its departments. 

The meeting discussed the proposals for implementation of the recommendations and suggestions for the improvement of data in terms of gender aspect. Particular emphasis was directed to the regular monitoring of trends in the field of social protection, which is important for the development of effective policies and to assess their impact on vulnerable groups.

Comments were made about the need for management information systems in the social security and social protection (like management information systems in health care and education), presentation of the prepared and analyzed information in the form of analytical tables containing the relevant information for a wide range of users.

Workshop participants provided comments and suggestions to improve the coordination of professionals engaged in or responsible for the collection of gender statistics and adopted recommendations for the revision of existing reporting forms for inclusion the gender aspect, allowing the electronic submission, and eliminating the duplicated indicators.