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The Agency on the statistics has held press conference with representatives of mass media following the results of the first half of 2013

On 25 July 2013, the Statistical Agency conducted a press conference with participation of representatives from mass media and FAO.

The press conference was attended by representatives from more than 12 newspapers, radio and TV companies, including newspapers “Djumhuriayt”, “Sadoi Mardum”, “Asia Plus”, “Djavononi Tojikiston”, “Charhi Gardum”, National Information Agency of Tajikistan “Hovar”, TV stations “Safina”, “Shabakai Avval”, “Bahoriston”, “Djahonnamo”, “Radio of Tajikistan”, radio station “Ozodi” and others.

The journalists were provided with press releases on socio-economic situation in the Republic of Tajikistan in January-June and results of activities of statistical bodies in the first half of 2013.

Ms. Mukhammadieva B.Z., the Director of the Statistical Agency, informed the participants on activities of the statistical bodies and results of the Global Assessment, which was conducted in 2012 by experts of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, Eurostat, and the European Free Trade Association. Mr. Shokirov Sh.Sh., Mr. Asoev A.R., and Mr.Norov K.D., Deputy Directors of the Agency, also participated in the discussion.

The press conference also discussed results of the joint activities implemented by Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the Statistical Agency under the President of Tajikistan under the EU-funded project. The project was represented by Mr. Tomas Lonsh, FAO Representative in Tajikistan, Mr. S. Sanginov, the National Project Manager, and Mr. Mamuka Nodirashvili, International Expert.

It was noted that the significant progress was achieved in development of action plan for transfer from the total survey to sample survey of dehkan farms. The main reason for such transfer to the sample method survey was infeasibility to survey all dehkan farms, which amount to about 110,000. The Project, in cooperation with the Statistical Agency, has developed a database with about 60,000 dehkan farms and developed the methodology for sample survey. The relevant trainings on the methodology were conducted for 256 statisticians from 50 regions of the country. The main purpose of this activity is to collect the reliable information on production of agricultural products in the republic.

Besides, the Project purchased 100 laptops for djamoats, which are responsible for collection of statistical data on production of agricultural products by households, to strengthen their capacity. Moreover, the Project organized computer trainings for about 150 statisticians. The Project plans by the end of the year to provide internet access for 100 djamoats to ensure timely transfer of the collected data to the regional statistical bodies.

At the end of the press conference, the representatives of mass media asked a number of questions, mainly focused on:

- allocation of funds under FAO project and internet access for djamoats dekhots,
- socio-economic situation of Tajikistan during independence,
- a number of illiterate persons in the country,
- a number of births and child mortality,
- a number of Muslims in the country, etc.