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The Agency on the statistics has held press conference with representatives of mass media following the results of 2012

 On January 24, 2013 in the national press center there was a press conference with the representatives of the media.

The press conference was attended by the representatives from more than 15 newspapers, radio and television, including newspaper "Jumhuriyat", "Sadoi mardum", "Minbari Khalq", "Press Digest", "Charkhi gardum" NIAT"Khovar" television channels "Safina", "Shabakai awwal", "Bahoriston", "Dzhahonnamo", "Radio Tajikistan," radio "Khovar", "Payomi Dushanbe" and others.


Mr. Sh. Shokirov, the First Deputy Director of the Statistical Agency opened the press conference by describing the results of the activity of state statistical bodies in 2012. Mr. Asoev A.R. and Mr. Norov K.D., Deputy Directors of Statistical Agency participated in the discussion.




After that, the media asked the agency experts questions. Most of the questions dealt with:
- the number of the unemployed in the country and the unemployment rate;
- the number of migrant workers in foreign countries, including women;
- common-law marriages of citizens of the republic;
- the medical-demographic research and child labor surveys;
- the livestock number in the farms of the republic;
- population of the republic according to the 2010 population and housing census, its structure, and other.




The media representatives were satisfied with the answers.
 Such activities with participation of the media representatives, users of statistics will improve the data transparency and quality in the production of statistics.