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Study visit of the Tajik delegation to the Republic of Armenia on September 16-22, 2012

 A study visit to Yerevan of the Republic of Armenia was organized for a delegation from the Republic of Tajikistan in accordance with the UNICEF program for TajikInfo database recovery and development. The purpose of the visit was to study the ArmeniaInfo experience (ArmeniaInfo) and its implementation in TajikInfo.

The delegation included 9 experts from the Statistical Agency under the President of Tajikistan, 2 staff from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and a UNICEF representative.

The seminar was opened on September 17 by Mr. Stepan Mnatsakanyan, the President of the National Statistical Service (NSS), and Ms. Henriette Ahrens, UNICEF Representative in Armenia.

Mr. Mnatsakanyan explained the structure of the NSS, and also noted that the highest management body of the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia is the State Council on Statistics. The Council consists of seven members who are appointed by the President of the Republic of Armenia for a period of 6 years. The President of the National Statistical Service is also the chairperson of the Council.

Mr. Vanush Davtyan, a member of the NSS State Council on Statistics, made presentation on arrangement of work for the “ArmeniaInfo” project. He pointed out that since 2009 there has been local computer training course for the NSS staff; the Millennium Development Goals database of Armenia was created in Devinfo format.

Mrs. Aida Martirasyan, the head of the department for IT development made presentation on Devinfo, ArmeniaInfo. In her speech, she referred to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). In her presentation, she explained in detail what Devinfo is.

Devinfo is a powerful database system developed in cooperation with the UN system and adapted to the UNICEF strategic information system. Devinfo provides easy access to visual graphs, tables, maps and other presentation materials. Furthermore Devinfo contains indicators on time and geographical significance and can be customized according to the needs of each user.

Mrs. Karik Yesayan, specialist of the department for database development and programming, made a presentation on "Creating a database in Devinfo format at the community level in the marzy (oblasts) of Lori and Tavush."

Mr. Tertaryan, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Territorial Administration of the Republic of Armenia made a presentation on "The community database."

Mrs. Arshak Logusyan made a presentation on "School Management Information System" at the National Technical Support Center.

Workshops on the Devinfo program were conducted on the last day of the seminar. Mrs. Aida Martirosyan, the head of the department for IT development, worked with our programmers and explained the method of creating Devinfo Web version.

On September 29, 2012 the Methodological Council of the Statistical Agency under the President of Tajikistan took place, which was attended by Mrs. Mukhammadieva B.Z., the Director of the Agency, members of the methodological council, heads of the subject matter departments and divisions of the statistical Agency and the Main Computing Center (MCC).

Mr. Silemunshoev N.S., the head of the delegation, supplied a full account of the study visit results. Mr. Mirpochoev F., a member of the delegation, made a presentation in which he practically showed the formation of maps, tables, and graphs based on the results of the 2010 population and housing census in TajikInfo. Furthermore Mrs. Begova H. made a presentation on demographic statistics in TajikInfo.

The presentations made suggest that a visit to study the Armenian experience in the development of ArmeniaInfo was very efficient and our experts will use the lessons learned in the development of Tadjikinfo.

The delegation of the Republic of Tajikistan expresses its deep gratitude to the organizers of this UNICEF seminar and expresses deep appreciation to the National Statistical Service of Armenia for the warm reception and generous hospitality and cooperation.