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TransMONEE Database meeting , August 17, 2012

TransMONEE Database meeting was conducted at the Statistical Agency involving the Mrs. Mukhammadieva B.Z., the Director of the Agency, Mrs. Dilorom Mirsaidova, the Vice-chairwoman of Commission on Child Rights under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, Ms. Leila Moshiri, Head of the UNICEF in Tajikistan, representatives from the ministries of education, health, justice, labor and social protection, economic development and trade, the department of childrens rights in Dushanbe, the General Prosecutors Office, and others.

The purpose of the meeting was to improve the coordination in monitoring the childrens rights and raising awareness of their vulnerability, particularly in the areas of education and social protection of children.

Deputy Chairwoman of the of Commission on Child Rights under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan Mrs. Mirsaidova Dilorom emphasized the importance of data collection for the TransMONEE database, date for submission of reporting in a single format for all ministries, departments and local governments. She also pointed out the promotion of the N?CR in involvement of leading specialists of the local governments and all actors involved in improvement of the situation of women and children in the Republic of Tajikistan

Head of the UNICEF in Tajikistan Ms. Leila Moshiri briefed the audience about the work to strengthen the TransMONEE structure and content for the partners could better keep track of inequality relating to the protection of childrens rights, the impact of economic crisis on children and adolescents, and inform the decision-making process and development policy based on the facts in favor of children.

Director of the Statistical Agency Mrs. Mukhammadieva B.Z. thanked the UNICEF office in Tajikistan, the National Commission on Child Rights under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan for the promotion of the TransMONEE database to be the most comprehensive database of statistical information about the situation of women and children in the country.

The above specialists of this meeting involved in the above implementation and monitoring of childrens rights got acquainted with the structure and contents of the TransMONEE database and discussed priorities, gaps and difficulties in collection data to improve the availability and use of data at the national level.

Mrs. Budnikova E.V. – Head of the department for social statistics made presentation “TransMONEE – progress and challenges in data collection”. The information contained detailed description of the statistical TransMONEE database sections, relevancy of adding new and missing indicators. The meeting received a CD with the database templates, methodological definitions for the indicators, and brief instructions for filling them out.

The TransMONEE database reflects a wide range of data on social and economic issues related to the situation and welfare of children and young women in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE / CIS). The updated database contains about 1,250 indicators and it has been maintained by the Statistical Agency of the Republic of Tajikistan since 1998.