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The workshops on gender statistics were conducted in the cities of Khujand and Isfara in Sughd

On March 26-28, 2012 the experts of the Statistical Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan organized consultative workshops on gender statistics within the framework of "Gender and democratic governance in development - provision of basic services to women". The workshops were conducted in the cities of Khujand and Isfara in Sughd.
The purpose of the workshop was to acquaint the participants with the basic gender statistics principles, provide the results of the assessment of gender statistics in social protection and receive comments and views of the partners, and also discuss and get recommendations on the curriculum development and regulatory frameworks on gender statistics

The workshops were attended by more than 40 specialists from various structures of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Khujand, the city of Isfara and the region of Ganchi: the Agency for Social Protection and Migration, the Social Insurance and Pension Agency, the Department of social care at home, and the Statistical Agency specialists in Sughd.

The following presentations were made: on the current situation of gender statistics, on evaluation results of the available statistics related to access to social protection of population, especially women and children.

The participants got acquainted with the existing databases of the Statistical Agency and the statistical database of the Isfara statistical office updated in 2011. With specific reference to the existing database, it was proposed to add the missing indicators in gender-sensitive aspects, such as the number of recipients of benefits and pensions among women and the average size of pension relative to the size of pensions for men, birth allowances for each additional child born, the number of beneficiaries of the maternity benefits, and etc.

Particular attention was paid to the provision of information to statistical offices at the district level by health care institutions that serve the elderly and children with disabilities in the context of sex and age and location of these institutions.

Using the available statistical databases and introduction of new indicators measuring access to social services would best reflect the information in the statistical publications of the Statistical Agency for a wide range of users.

There also was a meeting with the Head of the Department of the Khujand institutions dealing with placement of the needy elderly and people with disabilities in health care institutions and with the Sughd Regional Office for Social Insurance and Pensions; comprehensive information on the mechanism for collecting, processing and analysis of the information that is required to be submitted to the statistical database of Sughd in the field of social protection of population with taking into account gender-sensitive indicators.

The specialists of the Statistical Agency under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan gave specific recommendations for improvement of available reporting, the need for the introduction of indicators of social protection at the district, regional and national levels and their provision to the statistical offices to publish the digest "Women and Men in the Republic of Tajikistan" in 2012.