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Population at 01/01/2018 8.931 mln.
Inflation within 2017 6.7%
CPI within 2017 106.7%
GDP within 2017 61,1 bln. somoni
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International cooperation

Since independence, of the Republic Statistical Agency has cooperated with many international organizations.


Soon after independence, the TACIS program of Eurostat has assisted the Statistical Agency for their international programs in 1993-1994. The first phase includes two main components: technical assistance and training. According to the project to support the Stat. Agency in Tajikistan through the TACIS for 1995-1996, it was provided 200 thsd. ecu. The action was mainly concentrated on advisory role in matters of statistical systems, as well as on sectors: the case of enterprises, enterprise statistics and external trade statistics.

TACIS has provided assistance to improve the business register, including a questionnaire on the card register and sampling data for surveys. During the first phase of the program, TACIS began a pilot sample survey in business statistics, introduced the International Trade Classification to improve the quality of data on foreign trade statistics. Within this period were purchased computers on total amount of 30.thsd ecu.

In the network of training was conducted series of courses as well as, trainings, consultations on fundamental statistical sectors. In 1997 Stat. Agency published “Tajikistan in figures - 1996” in Russian and English languages.

In March 1999, within the scope of “Statistics - 3” TACIS agreed to reinstate aid in total amount of 250 000 euro. The program assistance for Tajikistan was: “Reformation of official statistics in Tajikistan”. Statistical agency offered the following question to be considered Eurostat in April 1999:

Equipment was received on 30 thsd euro


A classification system for economic activity was elaborated to harmonize with international systems and was implemented for the registry. On December 8 1998, the government passed and adopted regulation No. 496 “Ratification of classification and re-registration of Establishments in the republic of Tajikistan”. At present there is a new version of software, necessary for registry enterprises, in accordance with that taking place re-registration of enterprise and organizations. Statistical agency was able to refresh its register and adjust it to their new system of classification.

Exports of goods being imported by countries of origin, using mirror statistics for comparison with national statistics. In addition, settlements are made on the unit price indices and volume indices of the annual import and export goods for the annual data based on the respective classifications.

State Statistics Committee in accordance with international standards, to determine the total amount of work and services performed under the republic, in accordance with international standards, conducted sampling of non-state sector of the economy.

Undertake market surveys on industrial enterprises and construction contracting organizations to determine the cyclical fluctuations and qualitative indicators of changes in economic activity of enterprises in the transition period.

On price indices in the construction of approved methodology for this program and done some work. The list of surveyed companies developed the survey forms. Defined list of investigated enterprises, designed form for survey. During March 2001 was conducted pilot survey in 120 construction organizations. Unfortunately, method is didn’t bring any results yet.

A series of courses, seminars and consultations on various sectors of statistics..

“Tajikistan in facts and figures -1998” and “Tajikistan in figures -1998” were published in Russian and English languages. Also was published publication on the results of census of population 2000.

Specialists of main computer center participated in a seminar on local area network, in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Moreover, was supplied equipment for local area network in Statistical agency, which is now connected with 52 computers. However, the use of local area network in recent years has been limited because of slow connection

“Statistics program - 3” on TACIS was ended in December 2001

In July 2003, Eurostat, the mission visited Tajikistan for the first time to become familiar with the statistics system. During the visit was discussed past, present and future cooperation as well as development component for designed statistics – 8, priority statistics -9, and capability statistics -11. In consequence Eurostat confirmed budget of 300 000 euro for statistics 8, and currently this project is carrying out 4 components: statistics of agriculture, statistics of good and service, registry statistics and classifications.

Reform of Official Statistics of Tajikistan - statistics-8
January - December 2006The British Council – lead the realization

300 000 Euro - in fact 240 thousand euros (planned delivery of equipment worth 60 thousand euro was not implemented)

Technical support was in the following sectors:

Agricultural statistics
Statistics of good and services
Business register

- A new methodology and a questionnaire on a sample survey of farms.
- Updated list of businesses in the Stat. Agency for Land Management and the database business register. Conducted preliminary sample for approval of questionnaire, and defined the place of conducting pilot survey.
- Conducted pilot survey in 600 selected farmhouse
- Prepared final method of conducting regular survey, using the analyze of receiving dates


Statistics of goods and services

- Conducted pilot survey of private entrepreneur, working on patent and certificate in service sphere. (Around 1000 entrepreneur)
- improved methodology for sampling survey of entrepreneurs
- Designed new questionnaire for conducting the future survey and implemented computing in informal sector of economy. (service sphere)
- an evaluation of service providers rather than consumers, identify new types of services
- Conducted the analyze of the results with the use of classificatory of economic activity
- Creation of database in informal sector of economy, which is specialize for production of service for population

Business register

- creation of new method of sampling and conducting economical pilot census
- created new questionnaire and for the first time conducted pilot census in three major regions of the republic of Tajikistan that gave following results:
1. revealing unregistered enterprises
2. enterprises considered inactive – were working
3. defined the address, type of economical activity
4. filling out economic indices necessary for statistical register
5. on the base of the results was produced valuation of situation, and due to this Agency gained necessary experiment as well as, consultation on conducting economical census, that can help to improve quantity of enterprise register


- accesses the current situation
- Conducted training of four experts on the transition to a classifier of economic activities and its use in the business register
- held the workshop with the participation of international experts from Russia, which had experience in the transition period, in Agency of RT on transition to the classifier (General Classification of Economic Activities), products, and for SNA

- experts participated in the workshop meeting on the survey in the agricultural sector in Luxembourg, the experience of countries on the issue was used in the pilot survey, were introduced to the system of collection of data on agriculture, with the production activities of farming in Luxembourg
- Participated in conference in Geneva the UN Committee on Transport Statistics, in which there was a discussion of transit data for the cargo oil and gas.
- Statistical Agency specialists participated at the meeting in Geneva on the SNA, which considered the issues of the revision of the SNA-93 on the new version in conjunction with government of finance statistics, statistics of the monetary system, etc.

Reform of Official Statistics of Tajikistan - statistics-9, January - December 2007

Company “Sozheti” - headed by the implementation

Budget 300 thsd euro:
- At 99,000 euro received equipment
- 30 thsd. euro - for realization of the projects and increase staff knowledge of Statistical agency of the Republic of Tajikistan:
1. To conduct a pilot study to determine the NOE...
2. participate in the Conference of European Statisticians (Geneva)
3. participate in the Conference on Business Registers (Geneva)
4. instructive workshop on Information Technology (Vilnius)
5. acquisition projector

Development of Information Technology

As a result of the project
- Consultant Bern Rauch conducted seminar in Stat. Agency on "database management, design and programming” from 20 to 25 April 2007 (attended - 12 people)
- In September, the Consultant Bertrand Petat conducted the seminar on computer networking technology - Trained 6 specialists
- After training specialists Stat. agency began to set their servers and serve them
- A specialist trained in Vilnius on the organization of the collection, processing of statistical data, information system, databases, electronic data collection

Engineering sample surveys

- Consultant Olivier Delobbe was held on 3 instructive seminars in the Stat. agency which were attended by leading specialists (an average of 20 persons):
- on the general principles of sampling
- steps of sample
- format of sample
- sampling techniques (random, stratification, cluster and systematic)
- Consultations were held with each branch managed separately by sampling technique
- Stat. agency specialists have acquired a good knowledge and experience in sampling, using modern methods...

None observed economy

- In collaboration with the consultant Anders Nordin, a new methodology for selection and implementation of a pilot survey of non-observed economy in the light of the Eurostat tabular approach to the type of T 4: - (under-reporting of information related to tax evasion)
- Prepared "Questionnaire" - a questionnaire survey of inspectors, tax...
- sampling was conducted on the basis of tax audits, including tax inspectors to check enterprises on economic activities and on individuals working on the certificate and individuals working on the patent
- After receiving the knowledge of the methodology for assessing the illegal activities was carried out evaluation and impact on the republic's GDP for 2006


1. At the seminar, organized by the UNECE on the measurement of non-observed economy in national accounts 14-16 November 2007 in Dushanbe were first presented

Definition of price index construction:

- Prepared software for the calculation of price indices
- A database of this program
- calculations have been tested
- A new method of calculation according to European standard
- It is recommended to create a new database in accordance with the business register

Further development of national statistics in Tajikistan - Stats 11 ", which is funded by the European Union and implemented by ICON-INSTITUTE Public Sector GmbH and DESTATIS:

Project Title: Further development of national statistics

Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan

(Statistics 11)

Project started: January 5, 2009
Duration of the project: 12 months

Price 300,000 euros

The specific objective of this project - strengthening the technological base to enable them to:
- provide users with accurate, reliable and timely data, relevant standards and methodologies for the EU and international standards and methodologies, focusing on:

1. improved provision of relevant statistical data to persons and bodies, policy-makers and decision makers (governments, institutions, private sector);
2. progress in relations with the Statistical Office users, improved policy dissemination of statistical information and publications;
3. understanding and implementation of the requirements for a modern statistical system, including data privacy, improved long-term planning, management, etc

Components of the project

- A survey of small farms in the capitals of provinces and Dushanbe
- Survey of youth, infant and maternal mortality
- A survey of households, remittances and poverty
- Exchange of data on foreign trade between Eurostat and Stat. Agency
- Environmental Statistics

In addition to specific activities:
- Organization of visits by experts of international partners in the project assembly (Seminars, relevant to the themes of the project, and / or statistical assembly organized by international organizations etc.)
- updated annual statistical reports of Tajikistan, in close cooperation with project partners and under the leadership of Eurostat

Asian Development Bank

In 2002, Stat. Agency conducted a survey of poverty, based on 6000 households. ADB has provided 360 000 doll for a survey, including work and international consultant for three missions, which trained specialists from the Stat. agency of conducting and analyze surveys. In addition to the ADB in these trainings had contributed the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. A lesson learned from previous assistance indicated the need for a more systematic approach, both in a single multi-year program of statistics, rather than a gradual approach used up to now.


Conducted Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) have studied the situation of women and children in the Republic of Tajikistan in 2000 and 2005. In the survey UNICEF identified more than 200 thsd. doll.

World Bank

In 1999, the Stat. agency conducted a survey of living standards in Tajikistan in 2000 households. In this survey the World Bank and UNDP has allocated 150 000.doll, including an international consultant working for one month, which train specialists of the Stat agency to conduct and analyze surveys. From this amount was allocated to five computers.

In 2003, the State Statistics Committee conducted a second survey of living standards in 4160 households. In this survey the World Bank has allocated 132 000 doll, including an international consultant working for one month, which trains specialists from the stat. agency conduct and analysis of the survey. Eight computers and copy machine were bought outside the budget.

In 2003 it was proposed by the World Bank proposal for funding from the Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building Services. Grant amounts (353000.doll), allocated to a trust fund. Tasks included:
- Institutional and statistical diagnosis, develop a strategic plan;
- Strengthening and updating the system of national accounts;
- Conducting research in the field of tracking expenditures in health and education
- Conducting research on the labor households
- Equipment - 69 000 doll, including 2 rezografs, 2 servers, 20 computers and several printers.


The project was successfully completed in 2005, as a result of the project was developed MISP statistics system of the country as a whole, including the relevant ministries and agencies

In 2004, a survey of the labor force in 4000 households. In this survey has been allocated 98,2 thousand doll, worked 2 consultants from the Department of Statistics of the Russian Federation.

In 2007, the Stat. agency held its third survey of living in 4860 households. In this survey the World Bank and allocated 61 thsd. doll, UNICEF - 264.5 thsd doll including an international consultant working for one month, which train specialists to conduct and analyze surveys.

Currently coming to an end a project to strengthen the national statistical system with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and grant assistance from the World Bank, the Swedish Agency for International Development, the Department of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland on International Cooperation, International Development Association in the amount of 5,700,000 dollars, which was designed for five years.

In terms of objectives the project will include improving the legal framework in the field of statistics, skills development, improvement of equipment and improving the quality of data to monitor progress.

This, in turn, will give some results for the country as a whole and for the people, and find its application in terms of dialogue with the Bank and other regional and international organizations with the Government on strategic issues, as well as planning and implementation of other projects and programs.

The project was aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the national statistics system in order to allow for timely development of appropriate and reliable data, which in turn will help to take public action in support of the strategic programs of the Government aimed at reducing poverty and promoting economic development based on the information on the actual situation in the country.

Outputs of the Project are as follows:
- improving the legal and institutional framework that encourages the development of statistical systems in the country;
- improvement of facilities and infrastructure in information technology
- strengthening the structural framework in the field of human resources by providing training on the statistical work;
- improving the statistical base/infrastructure, through the application of the methodology adopted at the international level, and international standards for data quality
- development of production of statistical output, which is constantly adapting to the changing needs of society and economy through dialogue between users and producers of statistics;
- creation of an institutional framework for the implementation of core statistical activities, including monitoring of poverty;
- increase production of reliable statistics by consolidating and improving existing surveys and used administrative sources, as well as through the planning and conduct of new activities aimed at collecting data;
- Timely dissemination of data, information exchange and using of data to make strategic government decisions.

Work performed under the project "Strengthening the National Statistical System"

1. A new law "On Statistical Agency";

2. A sample survey: dekhkan farms private entrepreneurs in the field of transport and services, labor, living standards, tracking the prices of construction materials and individual building

3. Found new hardware in the central office and regional bodies (Dushanbe and regional centers) to create a single data network (Internet);

4. Completed a number of works to improve the methodology for recording statistics:
- National Accounts: Quarterly national accounts, the account of the non-observed economy;
- Classifiers: training of application of the classifiers (General Classification of Economic Activities-1 and
- Register of companies - Preparing for the Economic Census;
- The use of seasonal adjustment methods in the analysis of statistical data
- Sampling frame and design of questionnaires (statistical reporting forms);
- Internal trade - the price indices of physical volume of retail trade, the methodology of one-time survey in merchandise and food markets;
- Prices and tariffs - the consumer price index and producer price index;
- Agriculture - Prices for agricultural products, the establishment of a register of farms;
- Demography - the coding causes of death and method of Brass and nursing method for the determination of maternal and infant mortality;
- Improve design publications and development of the website, etc:

5. Increase the capacity of staff (seminars outside the country, as well as with experts in the central office to increase capacity)
- Courses on the use of software: SPSS, Oracle, computer use, etc;

6. Consultancy services for the population census and software for processing materials.